Our Mission is simple

Serve our clients well, so they are better able to serve others.

About Us

Some of the clients with whom we have been privileged to work over the years have been in industries as diverse as bespoke letterpress printing, commercial landscaping, member-based private air travel, turn-key retail development, medical, and non-profit, as well as myriad restaurants, bars, private chefs, caterers, breweries, wineries and distilleries.

Our small firm is agile: an efficient ninja strike force, capable of adapting and turning on a dime - not a battleship that is impossibly slow to turn.

This firm, like your business, is a start-up. We understand what you need and why. We also know that, despite your individuality, you will likely face many of the same challenges faced by those who preceded you.

We love being attorneys, but sometimes working with growing companies requires more than just lawyering. We get it. That's why we are so often called upon by our clients as trusted advisors, providing advice, encouragement, and (surprisingly often) hugs.

Co-working Space

The firm's offices in Dallas were constructed with our start-up clients in mind. Early-stage companies often do not have an office where founders can meet with bankers or investors (or each other), talk about employee issues, or just get a few hours' work done in peace. Sometimes a coffee shop isn't enough, and while the new wave of co-working spaces are functional (and often very cool), they can require a commitment with which new and growing ventures are not comfortable.

Our clients are free to visit our office anytime during business hours to have a meeting, make a presentation, or just put on headphones and grind for a few hours. We want to be in proximity to you, and we want you to be in proximity to other, like-minded innovators.

We're really proud of our space - especially the fact that it turns the notion of the typical "law office" on its head (and kicks it out the window).

And let's be honest: it isn't unheard-of for an impromptu happy hour to end a tough day.